Moving to Portugal

Church of Santa Maria and Santo Antonio, Lagos, Portugal

Church of Santa Maria and Santo Antonio, Lagos, Portugal

Interested in moving to Portugal?  Wondering how to get a Portuguese Resident’s Visa?  Below are links to posts we’ve written to get you thinking, hopefully answer some of your questions and maybe even help you decide if Portugal is the place you’d like to call home.

Deciding to change from traveling full-time to setting up a base in Lagos, Portugal:  Lagos, Portugal: A Place Like Home

Reasons to fall in love with Portugal and the Algarve Region.  Returning to the United States to begin the application process for a Resident Visa. The Great Document Roundup

With our initial four-month Resident Visa in hand we flew back to Lagos, Portugal to begin another chapter in our lives.  Setting Up House in Portugal

Settling in to our new town we gathered more documents to extend our four-month visa and had a sit-down appointment with the SEF, the Foreigners and Borders Service or what we’d call “Immigration” in the US. Obtaining a One-Year Resident Visa 

It’s hard for us to believe, but this November marked our first year in Portugal.  Here we write more of our settling in experiences, a move to a new apartment and some of our mistakes as we figured out how things are done in our new, adopted country.  Emigrating, immigrating and celebrating our first year in Portugal

We’ll continue to update this page as we have fun (or not!) learning how things are done in Portugal, navigate our way through the various bureaucracies and learn about life in our adopted country. We love a back and forth dialogue so please feel free to drop a note in the comment section.  One note of caution – We’re writing about our own experiences in this blog so we are not, by any stretch of the imagination, experts in immigration law nor are we always up-to-date with changes in the regulations.  So, while we hope to offer some encouragement as well as a place to start in an often times confusing process, please keep this in mind!

By Anita Oliver and Richard Nash

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