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  • Hello Anita &Richard!

    Love your blog and your pics! I’m still working in the world of Pharmacy but for an independent. My work hours are much better than before but I still have the dream of doing what u two are doing eventually!!! Kids are 13 and 11 now. We wonder about Hayden from time to time. He should be near or almost 13 now. Glad you two are doing well and are living your dream!!!

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    • Hey Tracey! How awesome to hear from you and thanks for your kind words about the pics and blog. I’m way behind on adding new ones from Portugal and a couple more countries that we’ve traveled to since last I visited these pages (Denmark and the Czech Republic). If you think retirement is filled with lots of quiet time and wondering how to fill it, traveling/blogging is a great solution. πŸ™‚ Seems I’m busier now than when I worked! So glad that you’re working at an independent rather than a chain and at least have good hours. And wow – I can’t believe your “babies” are getting so big but then, so is Hayden. He turned 13 in July (8th grade, football and wrestling) and we Skype with he and our son Michael every week. That’s the big downside of being so far away but we justify it with the fact that we’d have to fly to visit them in Denver from wherever we are as the “Mile High City” is too cold for us. As for wanting to travel eventually, come on over for a vacation, stay with us and take a test run sometime! We’d love to show you some of our favorite places and I’ll bet the kids wouldn’t mind seeing a castle or two. Here’s hoping our paths cross sometime in the near future! Nita


  • This is beautiful! You are living my dream πŸ™‚ and I guess dream of many other people…Enjoy every moment:-)!

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    • Thanks for stopping by our blog and sharing our dream of travel. For us, reading other travelers’ blogs made us realize that the dream of traveling could become a reality with careful planning and a change in our priorities and lifestyle. Every year we see more and more people pursue their travel passion and make their dream happen. As far as we’re concerned, this has been the best decision we’ve ever made!


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